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Lava Cappadocia

The adventure of wind, rain and lava for millions of years is the inspiration behind Lava Cappadocia, welcoming you warmly today. Here, at the best view point of Cappadocia, each morning we open our eyes to the stunning Mount Erciyes, serene Pigeon Valley and tens of colorful balloons rising up to the sky. All day we enjoy ourselves at our terraces, make fires in the evenings to watch the spectacular colors of sunset, at nights lit only by the full moon once and again fall under the spell of this unique land lying ahead. Yoga groups we host prefer our terraces for their meditation sessions for a good reason. In the well-preserved ancient Uçhisar village, in our pet friendly hotel right under the Uçhisar Castle, you and your pets will feel at home. Tuğçe and our dog Bubble will welcome you.


Meet Tuğçe and Bubble.

Tuğçe is the youngest female entrepreneur in Cappadocia and she is in love with this place. She had a dream all the years back in her studies on tourism and during her career in the best hotels abroad and then in Turkey. Creating Lava Cappadocia by herself, she realized her dream and became an inspiration for the women as well as men of the region with her courage.

You will feel the energy and joy she derives from the mystical and bountiful Cappadocia in every corner of Lava. You are in safe hands in Lava Cappadocia with Tuğçe and Bubble.

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